View Full Version : No help for my LPR

05-28-2013, 09:02 AM
I was diagnosed with LPR by an ENT 1/31/2013. Taking 40mg of Pantoprasole twice a day and staying off all the diet no noes didn't help. I started seeing a gastroenterologist who added Carafate and then Disipramine when the Carafate didn't help. I gave up on this after a week with no results as it made me constipated. I have all the LPR symptoms plus feel nauseus most of the time tho I never vomit! The ENT said I have a severely red throat after doing laryngoscopy. He said that what I thought was post nasal drip and have had for years was actually LPR. The nauseusness and sorethroat started while I was on cortisone cream for severe dermititis last Dec.
I have had a barium swallow,and endoscopy that have shown a small hiatal hernia and "mild" inflamation. Biopsies showed no abnormalties. My local gastroenterologist gave up and referred me to a GERD specialist at Mass. General. I am scheduled for a motility test there next week but don't have a consult with the doctor until June 19th. I am still on the Pantoprasole. I can never tell if something I am eating is causing my symptoms except I know I can't eat anything fried.
I have been reading about aloe vera and marshmallow root. Are these worth trying? Any suggestions? I am 78, have always been healthy and am tired of feeling miserable, tired and having no quality of life!