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06-06-2013, 07:25 AM
This is for anyone afraid to undergo the motility and/or 24 hour PH test. My local gastroenterologist referred me to a specialist at Massachusetts General when nothing has helped my LPR. I have my consult June 19th but underwent the Motility and PH testing this Tuesday. (These are not offered up here in NH. A nurse at MGH said the tests were extremely expensive and very specialized.) The worst part of the tests was the almost 2 and a 1/2 hour drive from Nashua in horrible traffic which made me very late! The nurse technician was marvelous, calming and reassuring. The motility test was quite uncomfortable in placing the tube as it was a rather thick tube but once it was in, it was not a difficult test and was over quickly. The tube for the 24hour PHtest was very thin and went in quickly . The tube was then taped on my cheek by my nose. The other end was attached to a monitor which I wore over my shoulder. There were buttons to push when I did various things like eating or lying down. I had to keep a diary so the results could be double checked. I got used to the tube quite easily and had no trouble eating or sleeping Tues. night. Yesterday I had to go back and have the tube taken out. Hopefully, the tests will lead to new treatment. Anyway, anyone who has these tests prescribed shouldn't worry about doing them.