View Full Version : Anus feeling loose and uncomfortable

06-14-2013, 07:23 AM
No leakage, no any things like that, it's just that often, especially before bedtime and in the morning, I get this uncomfortable feeling that it's loose and I almost have an urge to intentionally tighten/move the muscle. it does not hurt but it's extremely annoying to be constantly thinking about your anus and I have to admit I even sometimes get these stupid thoughts caused by all this which I rather do not mention, so it's obviously interfering with my life way more than it can look at first ... And I'am not gay, so... you know what I mean. Uh and one more thing, after passing the stool for some reason often it takes more time than usual to wipe it clean, if that's even related. Can loose sphincer be caused by a digestion / improper food or something?


PS. I was not diagnosed with IBS or anything like that, it just looks like it's the only suitable section for my problem.