View Full Version : Is this LPR, Allergies or combinaton? Help Desperate.

06-14-2013, 11:54 AM
So it all started 4 weeks ago. I live in the chicago land area and im a 25 year old male. 2nd week of may is when my allergies hit me in the face like a bag of bricks and i never have had bad allergies before except for itchy eyes but this time i was sooooooo stuffed and congested that it was bothering me badly!! Went to the doctor and got on the meds i needed and i started to feel ALOT better. Then about two weeks later i got a gagging feeling in my throat that I could not clear and it made me end up vomiting badly. I didnt feel sick to my stomach at all and overall felt fine but was getting sick. After that episode i felt better for about 5-7 days then that is when this current sickness started. June 1st i came home for lunch break feeling fine. I ate lunch and threw up almost 5 mins after lunch and didnt go back to work then. I was smoking at this time and was starting to smoke a little heavily which i wasnt proud of since i wasnt addicted to it. The next day and ever since june 2nd i have had an over production of mucus in my throat that gets worse when i eat. I really dont have acid hitting my throat that i can feel. My throat sometimes feels like a burning feeling but doesnt last long. I constantly have to clear my throat. It doesnt seam as bad as it was last week but it still sucks and makes me not able to drink my soda that I oh do love so much. I went to a ENT doc yesterday and he scoped me and said my throat looked irritated but also looked like i had bad allergies by just looking in my nose without the scope. Said he couldnt really get the scope through my right nostril cause it was clogged. he then said this could be a combination of allergies and lpr possibly. what do you guys think?

06-14-2013, 03:53 PM
no one can help at all?

06-17-2013, 07:44 AM
I think its probably just allergies. Take some benadryl regularly for a few days and then start taking a daily Claritin or Zyrtec. It is possible that acid is burning your throat and causing the overproduction of mucus - but I don't think that is your problem. Trying out a daily regimen of a low dose antacid would be worth a shot if after taking the allergy med's you don't have any relief (before meals take the regular dose of something like Zantac would be my suggestion).