View Full Version : 3 YEARS of Incomplete Bowel Movements, just want an answer!

06-19-2013, 06:32 PM
Thanks for taking the time to read my post first of all.

Basically my story is this:

Before starting university 3 years ago I can recall having completely normal and easy bowel movements. When uni started however things started to go downhill, I would spend longer on the toilet, I was able to push most the stools out with relative ease but could not for the life of me push the last bits out, feeling like I had no control of the stools at the last part of my rectum. This led to much frustration and discomfort, I would have to CHOOSE a time where there wasn't a stool halfway out so that I could clean and get out. I would feel gassy, uncomfortable and extremely conscious.

The obvious suspicion was diet; which changed a lot during uni, so I introduced more fiber, fluids and fruit/veg, experimenting for the next 2 years. Nothing worked, even laxatives proved to help only slightly. I have tried fiber supplements (psyllium husk) and eating pro-biotic yogurt, Even when I'm at home with the same diet I had before uni, the problem persists.

I am a generally fit and healthy young (22 year old) male and have a normal BMI.

Finally, 3 years on, I decided to visit a doctor. He performed a digital rectal exam and reported no signs of hemorrhoids or other abnormalities. He did however insert a plastic device in my rectum and asked me to push as hard as I could, when I did he said that it felt as if I wasn't pushing at all.

He prescribed laxatives and said he thought everything was normal :s

This has frustrated and upset me and I am in search for anyone with similar experiences or even possibly a solution?

07-02-2013, 04:29 AM
Can anyone help??