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06-25-2013, 09:24 PM
Hi all,

I've been battling terrible 24/7 nausea, likely as a result of chronic gastritis, for the past 6 months and am hoping to get some advice. I had dozens of tests and have spent thousands of dollars and the only thing docs have found is gastritis after an endoscopy. I tried omeprazole and protonix, took them both for about 3 weeks, and they did not work. Now, a pharmacist has recommended that I go back on the protonix because according to him I did not take it long enough. (He advised to take it for 6-8 weeks). I decided not to take nexium because it was awfully expensive. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how long protonix took to work, and/or any tips on easing the symptoms of gastritis? It is unclear what caused my gastritis - could have been major stress, taking too many aspirin too often, recreational drug use, smoking, etc. All of which I've worked to discontinue and quit immediately. But the nausea is still awful - it's kept me from holding down a job and keeping up with daily activities. Help !

06-26-2013, 11:20 AM
Have hope and give it some time. I was diagnosed with gastritis 10/2012 thru an endoscopy after months of nasuea, bloating, pain and burning. I took protonix for a few weeks, and Nexium 20 mgs, then Nexium 20 mgs twice a day, and for weeks I felt no relief. My doc finally prescribed Nexium 40 mgs twice a day and that did the trick, but only after about 10-12 weeks. Give it some time because Gastritis doesn't happen over night and neither does the healing. But - be careful how long you stay on this high dose. I was on it for 8 months and suffered bad side effects because of the high dose and length of time I was on it. Severe dry mouth, burning tongue, inflamed taste buds, etc.
Good luck. Again, have hope. I was once where you are and it is miserable, but it will get better.

11-10-2013, 06:26 PM
I find it very reassuring when I see posts telling me to just stay positive and be patient. I am on my 2nd bout of gastritis. I had one earlier this year that lasted about 5 weeks, and was quite mild. All I dealt with was some left side pain that was never crippling. I am now suffering from stomach ache and pain, which sometimes leads to nausea that has been going on for 7 weeks now and is much worse than what I experienced earlier in the year. I wake up every day and am immediately feeling discomfort and extreme hunger pains until I drink some ginger tea.
I have now been on Nexium 40mg a day in the morning on an empty stomach for 2 weeks. I have had very little relief. The only difference I have noticed is I am not having terrible morning stomach pains anymore, only mild pains, which are mostly relieved by drinking some ginger tea.
I just hope that if I stick with the Nexium I will feel relief sooner than later. It has been such a battle over feeling crummy all the time. I have essentially put my life on hold and it has been really depressing.

Power on
11-10-2013, 09:20 PM
I was also diagnosed with gastritis through a endoscope. So I understand how all of you feel with the naseau and stomach pain .
So I have some suggestion that you might try that May or may not help just depends on how you react.
Ginger root extract 3 X day
Turmeric supplements. 400 mg 3 X day
DGL ultra before food
And a very good probiotic twice daily

I alternate the turmeric then followed by ginger two hers later I even discussed this with my GI Dr who had no issues with trying it
It was suggested by my mother inlaws friend who is a bit of a Chinese medicine women I normal don't pay much attention to these kinds of things
But when your at the end of your rope
Anyways one month of this has helped tremendously I still take twice a day omeprazole for 3 months

11-11-2013, 01:07 PM
I know how you feel there.

Seems to me like they work for a while then they don't work anymore.

I started off on Prilosec, then doctor switched me to Protonix, now she switched me to Dexilant.

It's like your body gets used to them and stops working.

Best of luck.... Try taking some Zantac 150 at night time before sleeping. Helped me out quite a bit...