View Full Version : can someone help with my ct scan results?

06-29-2013, 08:47 AM
ok, I had a ct scan without contrast on wed. this is pretty interesting considering I have had right sided pain for months!!
Normal appearing appendix with the exception of the distal most portion which is upper range of normal in size with probable punctate appendicolith at the tip. there are also minimal inflammatory changes in this region which may be seen with tip appendicitis in the appropriate clinical setting. WHAT????
Prominate fluid filled small bowel loop seen in the left mid lower abdomen potential etiologies include mild gastroeneritis no evidence of obstruction.....
I was seen in the e.r a few weeks ago with vomiting and fever and diarrhea....
I hate reading these things. It looks like I am just waiting for my appendix to burst.
Thanks for reading all!