View Full Version : Gerd and hiatal hernia

06-29-2013, 01:14 PM
Hi I have multiple things going on here please bear with me can the above cause difficulty swallowing a sort of numbness of food taste like not satified when eating, presure in throat and abdomin with bloating, shortness of breath . Lots of burping that's feels different then normal, I think that's we're the presure is from its 24/7 more so when drinking any fluid and a tightning of throat. Also I can't cough up phlem no more my cough is weak and dry it hurts my lower gut.when I swallow it feels like I'm swallowing against a presure.i also have consipation if this my contributing to this problem. I'm always hungry and thirsty would this have been caused by gerd and the hernia? Thanks