View Full Version : Questions after meeting the surgeon

07-02-2013, 05:22 PM
I saw the surgeon today and he wants to do a test where I drink something and they watch it. Is that a barium swallow? If so, what is that like? Also, he wants to do another endoscopy on me although I just had one in May. He suspects I might have a hiatel hernia and he says he is going to use a different type of scope to see this and measure it if there is one. I am not sure why the first endoscopy wouldn’t show if I had a hernia. Has this ever happened to anyone?

07-02-2013, 08:06 PM
I've had 4 upper endoscopies and 2 Barium swallows over the last 7 years. I had surgery in 2008.

I had a hiatal hernia. Mine was the 'sliding' kind. Basically, it means that it would 'slide' up and down. If it was in the lower position, it may not have been quite as easy to detect in the scope. It could be that yours is similar.

It does sound like the other test is a Barium Swallow or Esophagram. It is a video x-ray. They will have you eat and drink various items with barium in them. They won't taste too bad. They then watch what happens to the item on the video-x-ray as the item goes from your mouth to your stomach. Once it hits your stomach they will observe you in a sitting position and lying down. Once you are lying down, they may tilt the table slightly to see what happens in that position as well. Pretty quick and easy.

I recommend drinking a lot of water in the hours after the test. Sometimes the Barium can stop you up if you aren't careful.