View Full Version : Any tips dealing with pain?

07-03-2013, 11:04 PM
Hi - just recently been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in the rectum, still waiting to hear the results from the MRI and CT Scan to find out if it's spread elsewhere. Next week I have two appointments - one to get the results of the scans and one with an oncologist. It's a 30 min drive to the hospital and being a public patient I have spent up to three hours waiting.

I'm hoping someone out there may have some tips for dealing with the pain, which has been getting worse and is now at the point I can't sit for more than 20 mins without being in agony. Standing and walking helps a little with the butt pain but then I get abdominal pains and need to go to the bathroom. My doctor finally (after the diagnosis) gave me Mersyndol Forte which helps a little but I can't drive while taking them and when I had the scans done I took them when I got there, than they made me wait for someone to fetch me!

I went to the chemist and asked for the strongest he could give me that wouldn't cause drowsiness and he gave me panadol which aren't very effective at all.