View Full Version : Ulcerative Proctitis treatment plans and questions

07-04-2013, 06:54 AM
I was diagnosed UP in May 2012, tried Mesalazine oral, cortiform supp, Salofalk enema and supp, all failed. 1st colonscopy in Sept 2012.

Then, started on Pentasa oral and supp for 8 months, was working after using for 2-3 weeks, but 5 months later, experiencing all symptoms of UP (mucus, fresh blood, diarreha , uncontrolled bowel movements ++).

Tried hydrocortisone 40 mg supp for 5 weeks, failed.

2nd colonscopy done in May 2013 due to incrased symptoms and confirmed the inflammation is same. Start on presdisone 40 mg daily for 2 weeks then going to see GI doc.

When do you guys taking presdione ? Does people on this drug all get these side effects: such as moon face, acne, mood and disturbances, edema, weight gain, just to name fews.

My question here is has anyone uses predisone, once the symptoms is controlled, does your doc advise you to continue to Pentasa or ( any 5 ASA form of medication for long term maintanence ). or take small dose of predisone for another period of maintance.

My doc mention to me in the future, if the flare up happens again, I might need to consider taking imuran but one of the major risk is leukopenia. Anyone takes this one or know more about this drug ?

I am 30 years old, feel this is the best time of my life to have a good life, haven't said that I have a really good career, even plan to do grad school soon. but this chronic disease has changed my life significantly. God knows why I have it... still in the process of taking it as part of me now. Hard but it takes time.

Looking forward to hear anyone's thoughts or opinions.