View Full Version : Newbie! Anxious about LPR, Barrett's etc. Help!

07-07-2013, 07:04 PM
Hello Everyone,
Love this site...great information.
Hope you all can help me. A little background info: I have had voice problems for probably 3 years or more now (I sing in a church folk group). Had an endoscopy last July, showed LA Grade A reflux esophagitis and slight gastritis. Gastro said no, it wouldn't affect your voice (yeah, right). Went to an ENT, had the nasal endoscopy, said that yes, reflux definitely affects your voice. Both suggested Prilosec. I refused to take PPI's after reading all the dangers of it. Instead tried to elevate my bed and take papaya supplements. After 3 or 4 months my voice was better. Even the ENT said all looked well when I went in April. However, since May my voice is bad again, it's sore, I have some "feelings" when I swallow (scary) and just not feeling good with this whole thing. Went to another very narrow minded gastro who said I have Barrett's (???) and said 40 mg Prilosec TWICE a day until endoscopy end of Aug. He said there is nothing else I could do and will prob need to be on Prilosec indefinitely....

Now I was able to have the endoscopy moved up to July 19th, thank the Lord, with the first gastro. I am a nervous wreck (anxiety issues) thinking I have esophageal cancer because I know a woman who died of this disease at 47 and left 4 kids behind.

So my question is, if I was scoped last year, do you all think it could progress to cancer this quickly? And why did the second guy say I had Barrett's??
Also, I am looking into natural remedies. I am taking vitamin C, magnesium, vit D, fish oil, probiotic and digestive enzymes. I am confused about the stomach needing more acid, but having the body be alkaline (trying alkaline and lemon water as well). So what to do now, any other suggestions? Thank you very much for reading and I am anxiously awaiting your replies!!

07-08-2013, 07:14 AM
It does sound like it is too soon for you to have barretts. Why dont you ask them to confirm if it really is barretts before worrying about cancer