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07-09-2013, 07:12 AM
I have been having problems mostly with constipation all my life, with occassional bouts of diarhea here and there. Over the last several months, I've noticed it's become even more of an issue trying to have a bm and have used enemas a couple of times. Then I discovered a drug online that is supposed to be great for weight loss, ordered it and began to take it. It has psyllium in in. Worked absolutely wonderful for weight loss and within a week I had lost 10 pounds and my abdomin had gone down significantly.

The second week comes around and my lower abdomin began to feel as though I may be coming down with an uti. Got antibiotics for it after it got to the point I felt very bloated and could not pass gas. The antibiotics seemed to help some, but nothing like I would have expected so after another 3 weeks went by (and having the same issues only worsening during this entire time) I went back to the doctor and they gave me another antibiotic for uti (which as far as I could tell only showed blood).

Another 2-3 weeks went by and although there had been little improvement, again it wasn't enough, so back to the doctor I went who said I may have IBS but wanted me to go for further testing (colonoscopy) and gave me bentyl to see if that would help.

After about 3-4 days I did notice quite a bit of improvement and went on vacation for a week. Upon returning, the symptoms have returned full force. Again, mostly constipation and it seemed if I did not go to the bathroom every single day (which has never been normal for me...I've always gone several days without bm's) then I would feel very bloated and feel as though there was pressure in my lower abdomin and rectum.

Now when this was at it's worst, my entire mid section was in extreme pain from just below my ribs all the way down and all the way around my middle...it was horrible.

So yesterday I ended up having quite a bout of diarrhea...now my abdomin is so sore it feels as though I exercised every muscle in there. It's even tender to touch my skin anywhere within about an 8 inch radius around my belly button.

I am terrified of cancer. My mother has had cancer several times and the last time it was of the bladder...so my concern there is with the blood in the urine, but nothing else detected. And now with the abdominal symptoms, I'm terrified there may be cancer in there someplace.

This abdominal pain has been pretty much constant for the last 3 months with very, very little minimal relief.

Does this sound more like IBS, or should I be concerned there could be some cancer in there???

07-11-2013, 09:54 AM
I just read your post and joined the board just to reply to you. Your story sounds exactly like what I have been experiencing the last few weeks. The pain and fear of ovarian cancer pushed to to call my doctor (in tears) and I was able to see her that day. She understood my fear of It being cancer, even though I have a diagnosis of IBS through upper and lower scope, and did a pelvic right then. She also examined my abdomen and that alone helped move things. The messaging action of that exam was really helpful! There was, of course, no sign of ca. She listened to me, gave me new Rx for pain (non-narcotic) and sent me home. The symptoms continued for 2 more weeks. I heard on the Dr Oz show that magnesium supplement was helpful for tummy troubles so I went out and bought nature made mag and started taking it and it helped tremendously. I started with 400 mg but had a little diarrhea so cut back to 250 once a day. I also stopped all bread products and dairy. Ate a mostly IBS diet. I want you to know I feel your pain. And I'm so sorry you are suffering. Get the definitive diagnosis, read everything you can find, try natural remedies ( these seemed more helpful to me then Rx meds, except for the pain meds!) and take really good care of yourself. Really good care. Rest, breathe, seek help. Good luck. Let me know how you are doing. P.S. I also had just started hormone replacement therapy when these symptoms got so bad so have stopped them, I think that helped too.