View Full Version : GERD pain between shoulder blades

07-10-2013, 10:13 AM
I have been have very intense pain between my shoulder blades and under my rib cage. I have also been burping a lot. I am scared to think this is some type of cancer. I have had a negative ct scan and I have have a negative colonoscopy. Any thoughts?

07-25-2013, 11:27 AM
Hi, I have pain in my shoulder and around my rib cage I have had various tests but all clear, if hat helps just seems like its one of the rubbish symptons of , gerd/ reflux/ lpr.

07-25-2013, 11:45 AM
What did your Dr say the problem was.
It sounds like Acid Reflux to me. Was an Endoscopy suggested as that would show up something like Gerd or a Hiatal-Hernia both can cause Gas and Burping also pain.
What medication were you prescribed, you may need a PPI. In the meantime try Gaviscon three times a day. I take it straight after a meal some take it before.
All the best,


07-25-2013, 12:34 PM
The doctor wasn't very helpful, although I was sent for test, full blood count which was normal, chest x ray which was normal, and endoscopy which was normal , but I have mucus in throat pain that radiates on my shoulder , and sometime prickly feeling in lungs, globus sensation etc, so I assume I have lpr, but the doctor has prescribed sinus spray , omprezamble, but gavison didn't really help, but deflatine tablets helped with lung pain, and back massages help, hope this helps, as it's all confusing these symptons x