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07-21-2013, 03:02 PM
i have no idea what is happening to me. i'm hoping some of you guys and gals who struggle with digestive issues can maybe shed some light and help me out...

some basics about me-
i'm 24. i have epstein barr virus and depression/anxiety. i take cymbalta and clonazepam everyday. i don't drink, i don't do hard drugs, i haven't smoked a cigarette in over 10 months. i have never been out of the county (usa).

here's my story- (i apologize ahead of time for how gross some of this sounds)

i want to say around late 2011 i noticed mucus like stuff on the TP after i would wipe just about everytime i had a bowel movement. i'm kicking myself right now for not saying anything to my doctor then, but i was too embarrassed.
then in the summer of 2012 i literally woke up one morning and the way i went to the bathroom totally changed. i had very liquidy and foul smelling diarrhea. i thought nothing of it, as people get diarrhea sometimes. well, here i am today, and i still have diarrhea!

in october of last year i had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy done. everything came back normal. my crohns antibodies were elevated just a pinch, but nowhere near enough to diagnose me with crohns. (family history- my mother has crohns.) i've had ultrasounds and catscans and xrays done too, again, everything is normal. a stool sample was taken and my group b or d strep was high... no idea what that means. i've had tons of bloodwork done and the only thing found was that my thyroid is underactive ever so slightly.

it has been almost a year of diarrhea everyday. it doesn't seem to matter what i eat, as i have tried different diets thinking maybe i all of a sudden developed a food allergy. sometimes i am going twice a day, sometimes i am going 10+ times a day. the last few months i have been waking up early in the morning in a weird pain/cramping feeling and then i have to get up and go. usually right after i eat i have to run to the bathroom, sometimes i don't. it's all liquid and sometimes it looks powdery. (gross, i know! sorry!)
and because its all liquid, wiping takes a while, and after almost a year of this my rear has suffered.. i now have small hemorrhoids and cuts that aren't healing because of the constant bathroom visits. ouch

what could this be???

my gastro doctor is pretty stumped herself. i recently saw a new gastro dr and more bloodwork was done, he doesn't seem to know what's up either.

i have tried a few different medications, i can't remember the names, but i coudn't stand to take them for more than a few days anyway thanks to side effects. the other medications my doctor wants me to try are way too expensive to me, even with my health insurance.

i'm losing my mind over this, i barely had a life before, now i really don't.

any suggestions at all?
thank you

feel free to ask questions as i'm sure i probably left something out

07-22-2013, 05:58 AM
Hi, there..........do you have any abdominal pain or cramps along with the diarrhea? I don't know that I have any answers for you, as I am having the same thing myself, though I need to have more tests. I have a lot of cramping pain under my rib cage with all of this and that almost the worst part! I am hoping you get some answers (and that I do, too). Wish I could help, just wanted to let you know someone else out there is dealing with it as well.

07-22-2013, 10:09 AM
Dear kitten3,

I may be able to give you some advice. What is your current diet?


07-22-2013, 10:18 AM
Dear kitten3,

I may be able to give you some advice. What is your current diet?