View Full Version : Hooray! A Place to talk about IBS!

07-25-2013, 07:59 AM
Thank goodness this place exists. I am 35 yrs old and in late 2008 I started getting these lovely episodes. Fast forward to 2009, after a colonoscopy (yay!) I was told that I have IBS. I am also Diabetic and my gastro doc told me that the Glucophage could be aggravating it. I went on new diabetic meds and things improved for a bit.

IBS drives me nuts. One week I could be fine, then next week I'll be dealing with 3 days of episodes. I know it's an IBS attack because of the color, smell, and properties of what's coming out of me. I live on anti-diarrhea meds and bentyl. I do have a script for Vicodin (busted knee) and when I take the Vicodin it constipates me, so that is a drug that I sometimes use for the IBS attacks. I am also on Prozac, but I've been on anti-depressants for years. Gastro doc also mentioned that the brain and stomach are linked. I do live a stressful life, always worrying, so I wonder if that plays a role.

Last week I had a very good week, but the week before that it was hell. Then, just 2 days ago it started up again. Then I realized that last week I didn't eat my favorite type of bagel - an everything bagel. But I did eat them the week before last and this current week. So with looking thru some threads here, I am seeing that seeds are bad. I love sesame seeded bagels, seeded rolls, etc. However, I a fine when I eat sushi or tomatoes. I don't even recall having any issues with kiwi fruit.

I have done a lot of reading online since 2009, and this is the first time I've stumbled upon this site. Took me long enough, right?

It's really weird what aggravates my IBS and what doesn't. I hate saying this, but I am okay with buffalo wings, fried foods, etc. I am, however, great with apples and I do have to take it easy with citrus fruit (too much kills my tummy). I drink tomato juice as much as I can.... I love anything having to do with tomatoes. I have also heard that onions could be bad for you, if you have IBS.

Here's one embarrassing, yet maybe funny fact about me. I love garlic. and when I eat fresh garlic in anything, it gives me gas. And I feel so much better after an attack when I can let all the gas out. I don't know... it's like relief or something.

I do have to stay away from certain lettuces. The first time I knew something was wrong was when I was pooping leaves, haha sorry! I do find that butter lettuce is the best for me, but even so, I try to avoid it. I used to be BIG with salads.

It's also gotten to the point where I am afraid to participate in social activities. 2 weeks ago I was heading to a concert, so I barely ate and dined on anti-diarrhea pills all day long for fear of an attack. Tonight I am hoping to make it out, so again... anti-diarrhea pills. And let me tell you, they don't always work.

I'll leave you with this last funny thing - when I was getting ready for my colonoscopy, my Dad told me that once I get home, I won't poop for days. He was wrong. As soon as I got home and had breakfast, boom -- went right thru me. I am guessing that's the gastrocolic (sp) reflex? So after all day prior to the procedure I was going and even AFTER it, too.

Oh and why are avocados bad for folk with IBS? I could eat them morning noon and night!

Thanks for reading my story! :) Glad to have found this place.