View Full Version : Kaposi Sarcoma or not??

08-12-2013, 01:48 PM
Hi my problem is related to Kaposi Sarcoma. I am a 22 year old Zimbabwean man. I have never been tested for KS before. I am HIV negative, and have one faithful partner. I am also stright (I read some articles linking KS to homosexuals). The reason I am worried about this is because 5 years ago I had a boil like nodule on my calf which grew to be rather large, pus filled and painful. However, this nodule went away and left a rather large scar, aroung 3cm on my calf. ,Around the same period I had a smaller nodule on my ankle which went away, also leaving a slightly smaller scar. I have never had nodules of such magnitude ever since. Ocassionally, I have some nodules on my anus and groin, but they occur rarely and often finish by themselves. I also have acne like outbreaks at times. They are not severe and often finish within a few days leaving no scars. These are on my face and present as single acne bumps. Sometimes they can occur on other parts of my skin, but they always go away by themselves. I have nodules which appear like hair ingrowths in my pubic region, however, I think they may be connected to whatever I have. Sometimes I get small nodules under my eyelids which are small but also finish by themselves. Recently my girlfriend started getting acne like pimples on her face, which began to worry me as I am not sure, maybe I gave her KS? Do I have KS? I do not have multiple partners and neither does my girlfriend. Please help.