View Full Version : Bruised ribs

08-14-2013, 09:25 PM
Okay, so maybe someone here can help with a little comfort that has experienced this or knows a little more:) I was really sick around July 1st... horrible cough. Lasted and lasted and lasted, finally went to the dr and he gave me some antibiotics just in case even though I wasn't really coughing anything up. A week or so later I was still horribly coughing, but now even harder:( I called and he changed my asthma medication from asthmanex to advair (asthma usually only flares up following a cold) with in a week I was in tears from the pain in my right ribs... Reaching, lifting, bending, rolling over, coughing and god forbid if I had to sneeze it hurt soooooo bad!!!!! Went back to the dr where he gave me some naproxen and sent me in for X-rays. X-rays ended up turning out ok. Ribs seemed to be getting slightly better, however still had a slight asthmatic cough, so he then gave me Benzonatate 200 mg 3x day and told me to continue with the advair. I am now nearing 7 weeks of this and my ribs are beginning to get very painful again:/ and still with this annoying asthmatic cough! The rib pain is making me grouchy and the coughing all the time is exhausting... I just want to be a normal mom again! Any tips on getting my ribs healed??? Is this normal for this long? Oh and I have been taking it very easy... Probably also frustrating me a lot! Thanks a bunch