View Full Version : Muscle Twitching

08-23-2013, 05:47 AM
I am being treated for hyperthyroidism. I only take 5mg tapazole once a day. When I don't take it properly my symptoms come back. However, I have been taking it right the past couple days after NOT, and my anxiety is lifting, but I'm having crazy muscle twitches in legs and fingers. I am also taking an antihistamine/cetirizine for seasonal allergies. First time I've taken it. I have gotten muscle twitches and weird internal shaking before, but nothing that lasts this long or that I can't control by relaxing or breathing. I don't notice it AS MUCH when I'm not thinking about it. But as soon as I lie down and try to relax and clear my mind, I notice it. If anyone has any knowledge of situations like this, please share.