View Full Version : Dyed black hair to ash blonde with highlights

08-24-2013, 02:00 PM
I have consistently dyed my hair black for the past two years and now want to dye it a light ash blonde with highlights. I know there is a long process to lighten it without damaging your hair, but any advice would be appreciated!

So far I was thinking about using a color remover to strip the black dye out and then color it a light ash blonde.... I think it's around a number 7 for box color. Then I planned on going to my hairstylist for the lighter highlights.

Also... I have very long hair. I want to cut it into a short-styled bob. I was thinking most of the damage would be cut out. Is this not the case?

Thank you!

08-24-2013, 06:40 PM
From experience, color remover is a horrible idea! It removes elasticity from your hair making it more prone to breakage. But since black is a hard color to remove, it's probably your only choice. Color zap or loreals hair color remover are the best brands and less damaging.

As for your bob, yes. Most of the damage would be in the tips. But if you're using color remover you would be frying all your hair. Make sure you do a deep conditioning treatment to give it back some life. There are other less harsh ways to remove hair color, like baking soda and water (make a paste), dandruff shampoo, a series of warm oil treatments, vitamin c paste (crushed tablets and water).

Good luck with your hair, I'm sure it'll look great!

08-31-2013, 03:23 PM
Color remover from a box is not going to take out all the color....you might want to consider having a professional colorist do this for you. They will protect your hair, deep condition it and use the least harsh chemicals for stripping the hair. To go from black to ash blonde, youll need to go through all the red stages....doing this at home could turn into a nightmare.

Hair which is dark, has absorbed color all the way into the shaft and like a sponge, isnt going to release ALL the color. You may wind up patchy.

IF you do try it at home have a hair dresser on stand by in case this doesnt go as planned! Good luck!