View Full Version : IBS causing respiratory problems and weight loss?

08-31-2013, 09:46 PM
Hi really need some advice please:

I have been going through some strange and debilitating symptoms for the last months - I started having IBS-like symptoms since early March (mainly soft loose stool and flatulence, burping and couple strange episodes of fatty stools and lactose intolerance - Was not lactose intolerant before), also discomfort in the rectum area (which previous GP think was hemorrhoids and could be what's causing the feeling of fullness), but things started to get really strange since beginning of July:

- I started having feeling of suffocation/not getting enough air and my throat closed up (but no pain or discomfort when swallowing)
-Feeling of compression around Sternum (which seem to come and go)
- Blocked ears (stuffy, no pain)
- White phlegm (seems to be coming from the area just below the Adam's Apple, with some episodes of hemoptysis)
-Weight loss (14 lbs in 2 months)
-Numbness in hands/arms (seem to come and go) and couple nights when my legs kinda kicked a bit (now stopped)
-Muscle soreness (after exercising)
-Insomnia (either can't fall asleep or wake up sometime from feeling of not getting enough air or having to go the loo)
-Cold hands/feet
-Bladder became sensitive (when pressed and increased urination, almost seem to not keeping water, with darker urine in the morning then usual and feeling of dehydration)
- Had episodes of diahrreah which has now disappeared
- An inflamed/uncomfortable feeling in the rectum (my current GP said the hemorrhoids at the area look bit dilated), which seem to relate to the new bladder sensitivity.

Basically my whole middle tube (from throat all the way down) seem to be "squeezed" and closed up.

I have been looking and no visible blood in stool so far (Hemocult stool test were negative), my new GP has been quite supportive and we are doing as many tests as possible, some blood works came back and indicated:
-No anemia
-Raised level of total IgE of 1280
-No evidence of Diabetes type 1 (if I remembered correctly)
-No raised level of Eosinophils, CRP, no antinuclear antigent present)
-No detectable abdominal lumps/tender spots
-Five parasite stool samples negative - Although with the low Eosinophils level I should maybe forget about looking for parasites?

- A GI specialist has suggested the respiratory symptoms could be caused by silent acid reflex as I don't feel any heart burn sensations but do have most of the signs of silent acid reflex, the IBS-like symptoms and weight loss could be from fat malabsorption since the unabsorbed fat could act like lube and cause the symptoms?

Just curious could this all be caused by SIBO? Or damages of eating too much spicy foods as I did that for almost 2 years till this year before all the symptoms started showing?

09-01-2013, 02:09 PM
Apple cider vinegar usually cures IBS.