View Full Version : non stop fevers over the past 3 days :(

09-07-2013, 09:46 AM
Non stop fevers over the past 3 days. Help? :(?
Recently my younger sister, who has lupus, has been getting fevers for the past 4 days.(I am using my moms account)
My mom took her to the doctors and they gave her antibiotics etc. I must've caught her fever because I've been feeling sick as well. Im usually not the type to get sick. I don't have a headache or anything but my bodies been feeling heavy(I cant explain the feeling) and I've been really cold so at night I'd wrap myself around a blanket which was probably not a good idea since my body felt really hot. I'd take Tylenol extra strength whenever I'd feel sick and it'd help. And I'd drink loads of water and sometimes I'd drink some tea. I've been coughing qlot too but it's kind of going away. But for the past 3 nights I've been getting sick. We also dont have a thermometer to check our temperature. I really need help...and if I dont get better I'll surely go to the doctors.....btw I hate going to the doctors...i've always been scared to go... If you guys have any tips on getting rid of the fever please feel free to let me know :(

09-07-2013, 10:42 AM
Welcome to the boards. Glad you knew about this site. First, it is important to establish the cause of the fever. What did the Dr say was wrong with your sister (causing her fever?) It is quite likely you both have the same thinbg. If she has something contagious, like strep, tonsillitis, upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, etc, AND if she is responding to the antibiotics, you probably need them too. Sometimes a Dr will prescribe antibiotics for a sibling in this situation (known contact, close timing of onset, etc.) without seeing them. Since it is weekend, maybe your Mom could call him and ask for that so you can get treated before Monday. I hope you have talked to your Mom and gotten her input too. No one likes to go to Dr., but better that than staying sick and maybe getting far worse.