View Full Version : Small, hard white bumps - one near mouth, one on lip

09-14-2013, 04:27 PM
Several years ago, a small white bump began developing on my face, about half a centimeter up from the corner of my mouth. Thinking it to be a pimple, I tried to pop the thing, but it was fairly hard--about as hard as a carrot--and seemed to be relatively unattached, in that it moved around freely. There was no sensation on the lump itself, though the area around it did hurt and bleed.

After several attempts to remove the bump (over the course of a year or two, during which time it remained unchanged), I was left with a small crater-like scar around the lump. About a year ago I finally was able to remove the lump by using a pin to get under it. It came out looking like a very miniature pearl. The area healed, though the scar remained. Several months later, I noticed that the lump was growing back. Three days ago I removed it again, with the same results as before. I can now see a pinhead of white under the skin in that area, which suggests to me that the lump will grow back again.

So... what in the world is this thing?? Why does it keep coming back? And how can I make it stop?


For the past month or two, a similar lump has been growing on my lip. It's about 1.5 times the size of the other, and somewhat more squishy (more like a steamed carrot than a raw one), as well as somewhat more tender to the touch, though in all other respects it seems pretty much identical to the other lump. The most notable difference is that this lump seems to be connected to the lip, whereas the other lump seemed only to be sitting below my skin.

Today, this one came halfway detached from my lip, though attempts to remove it resulted in bleeding and hurt a bit. Finally, to keep the thing from sticking out from my lip, I cut it in half. The white lump did not bleed, though the lip around it did. There was no pus or other discharge from the lump; it seems like some sort of tissue. It's semi-transparent and yellowish when held up to the light. The part that remains on my lip looks basically like a very small stump.

Is this second lump in any way related to the other? More generally, what is it?

09-14-2013, 08:00 PM
These sound like "inclusion cysts", benign but bothersome. They are very common. Cysts have an outer membrane or capsule. It the entire capsule doesn't come out, the remaining fragments of the cyst wall will regenerate a new cyst. If the one is big enough to leave a scar, I would see a dermatologist to make sure the entire thing gets removed. Sometimes they pop out easily and other times they are hard to get out.