View Full Version : Girdlestone from MRSA

09-26-2013, 01:01 PM
26 Sept 2013
In 2010 I got MRSA systemically and my hip hurt also. I recieved 4 hospitaliztions and over a year of treatment. Then my hip hurt so bad...I went to the ER 2x and then it was decided I had MRSA of the femur. The head and neck of my femur were removed (girdlestone operation). I have been pain free and in good health for the past 2 years.
The doctor led me to believe he would do a replacement someday...but I think he is stalling me and does not intend to ever do it. And he does not want to tell me. And, believe me I have tried to nicely pressured him into an answer....one way or another.
I too am in a wheelchair and can only walk a short ways with a shoe lift.
I am 71.
I recently read an article on the internet...where doctors/scientists have discovered a way to coat implants with antibiotics that can resist MRSA and other infections.

You bet I am going to show my orthopedic surgeon.