View Full Version : pinto beans for ibs-d is my ticket (for now!)

10-02-2013, 06:46 PM
so i've been struggling with IBS-D for a long time:

i've tried a bunch of different remedies, nothing seems to last. i've tried soluble fiber, seems to help for a while, then stopped working. i've tried pectin, i've tried applesauce, i've tried oat-bran. (oat bran actually seems to help the most). i've tried glutamate. i've tried peppermint tea, seems to help a little, but not a full solution. i've tried fennel tea (anti-spasmodic) which seemed to help a little, but again, not a full solution.

at any rate, at one point a few years ago, my doctor actually asked me "does have chronic diarrhea bother you?" i couldn't believe that question. are you kidding me? does having diarrhea bother me?!!! YES, IT BOTHERS ME. clearly, he's never had it and doesn't understand how IBS can impact someone's life. (i changed doctors)

anyhow, at that point, i pretty much gave up.

then i realized something interesting.

i go to mexico a few times per year. it occurred to me that many times while in mexico i don't have diarrhea. (that might sound ironic to some). then, i realized that with almost every meal, pinto beans was served

so i figured i'll try eating pinto beans when i got home. (i've actually been AVOIDING pinto beans for fear they would cause diarrhea and gas)

so i ate a serving of organic pinto beans each night WITH dinner. not before, not after.

and it's been 2 weeks and i'm feeling much much better. it's possible it's the ratio of soluble/insoluble fiber in the beans, or it's possible that because pinto beans are high in glutamate (which is supposed to soothe the intestine in some way). it's possible its psychosomatic and the effect will wear off in a few weeks.

10-03-2013, 09:31 AM
This is interesting! I'm glad it's helped you. Please update us on whether or not this is effective in the longer term. Hope it is!