View Full Version : Doing the FOBT test and dreading it...

10-19-2013, 12:50 PM
Doing the FOBT test and dreading it....

Hi all

I was told by several doctors that I suffer from IBS. Since August of last year I have been having changes in my bowel movement, frequent gas, and overall discomfort. The condition has been in remission from March to June of this year but resurfaced after a food poison, probably becoming a PI-IBS. I never saw any visible blood in my stool but only saw transparent mucus in my underpants once after passing wind. I am going to do an FOBT test in the coming three days and I am really afraid of finding occult blood. Doctors did several blood tests on me and they all came positive - at least until two weeks ago everything resulted OK including pancreas. Due to elimination of some fatty foods and dairy products from my diet, and also due to exercising I lost nearly 9KGs in 7 months. I never did colonoscopy/endoscopy because I am afraid of the invasive testing.

I am only 31, male, and have no family history of Colon Cancer but I am really afraid...

What do you think...? is this just IBS and I have to learn to live with it? is lower back pain when standing up related to IBS?

10-21-2013, 01:39 AM
Why no is replying..? :(

10-21-2013, 10:12 AM
From what I found, the FOBT is not invasive. But, I do understand your fear of doing the scope testing. I have the same issue. (With the colonoscopy, the worst part is the prep.) My doctor gives me 2 xanax before the scope part and I do not even remember having the test....I'm not sure if it is xanax or valium...I just know without something, I would bounce right off the table. I have had IBS-D for a number of years and I also know that the scope test is really important. Having a doctor (GI specialist) that you trust is also important for those of us with IBS. If you have even a doubt regarding having confidence in your doctor, change doctors. My dr is an hours drive away, but it is well worth the trip. I hope you tests have good results.

SC in NW Florida

10-21-2013, 12:01 PM
I'm the same one who just posted. I forgot to mention that I had blood with a round of constipation because of too much of a new med that I was trying prescribed by my doctor. Thus, she lowered the dosage and put me on one hydrocortisone AC 25 mg suppository at bedtime. I take one if I have an issue of rectal bleeding due to constipation. Please go ahead and do all of the tests that your dr feels that you need; BUT make sure you educate yourself on your IBS or whatever the tests show. I'm glad that you posted. I have learned so much by just reading the boards...I admit that I do not post as much as I should...especially with over 40 years of dealing with IBS. I hope all goes for you! SC in FL

10-21-2013, 06:25 PM
I ve done the test. I am still confused re the colored lines. One is very visible but the other is faint....or not there at all? What do you think? Looks like an OK result but that really faint line is worrying me