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10-20-2013, 09:01 AM
Hi, I've never asked for online advice before so here is goes. My boyfriend who is a recovering drug addict (pain killers, cocaine and benzodiazepine) has been doing well except every 5 to 4 months he doctor shops for Xanax. Goes through the quanty of 30 or 60 pills in three to four days. He usually takes a substainly large amount 20-30 pills his first day. Then, what's been happening a week later he has a seizure and tries to tell the doctors it's from a benign sinus tumor he had. They give him Lamictle not sure of the spelling, but he never takes it. Anyways, he (age 37) gets very hostile, angry, dulusional, OCD, and perhaps some mania. I refer it to his Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde because he is a completely different person and is extremely angry all the time. He also takes 400-500 mg of Tramadol too for neck pain. I thought Xanax was supposed to calm someone down not make them irate. He denies he is taking Xanax too which makes it harder to reason with him. I did finally call his doctor to tell them but I don't know exactly what they will be able to do to prevent him from getting this drug. Does anyone know if a doctor can make it unavailable to him in the state of GA and FL since FL is where we are from? I'm amazed at how easy he can get Xanax from these Walk In Clinics that know nothing of his psychological past! Do these doctors even communicate with the Pharmacist?

10-20-2013, 10:57 AM
Hi, I am sorry for your situation. Your boyfriend is unfortunately not a recovering addict, he is an addict. You can relate this to the practice of binge drinking when the alcohol addict does not drink everyday but rather goes on splurges and gets totally drunk, such as your boyfriend on Xanax. That being said, he will do anything to get this drug as the addict is powerless over his addiction. Unless he wants help, there is little you can do, he will either have to hit a bottom, end up in the hospital,jail or the morgue.It would be very difficult for you to try and flag doctors to refuse him the drug, he will find a way somehow. Also, yes Xanax can cause irritability and fits of anger and temper just as alcohol,also a depressant can cause these changes. You could visit or call a local chapter of Narcotics Anonymous and get some useful information about addiction and treatment and if he is ever ready to change his life NA would be a good place to start....

10-20-2013, 12:22 PM
Thank you for your advice, I think deep down I know there's nothing I can do but I was hoping for something. It's sad to see someone ruin their life over drugs.