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10-23-2013, 08:12 PM
I will try to sum this up as best as I can!
female. 21 year old. 110 pounds. no personal or family history of bowel conditions or diseases
that i know of. eat fruits and veggies from time to time.

About a year ago - I started having upper stomach pain - sharp, burning, naseous, acid taste in mouth.
Sometimes the pain was so bad that i ended up going to the emergency room.
They did blood work, xrays, barium swallow, and breath test for h.pylori bactera - everything came back normal.
They told me it was probably just gastritis, too much acid in the stomach - prescribed me tecta and tylenol 3 (without caffeine) to help with the pain.

The doctor told me to take tecta for a while and see how i was feeling - took it for a weeks and the pain was still there.
The doctor referred me to a GI specialist and to possibly go for an gastroscopy. i still had a few weeks before the appointment
so he said if i feel better by then that i can just cancel the appointment. i was on tecta for a little longer and eventually my stomach did get better
by the time of the appointment so i had cancelled it.

In the summer time - it was Ramadan and im muslim so we fast for a month. since
my stomach was better i did fast and i was completely fine the whole time. (big mistake)
until about a week or two after the month of fasting had ended. i started getting stomach pains
again with lots of gurgling sounds in my throat and acid reflux - i went to the emergency room
- they did blood tests and gave me a pink lady drink - the blood test came back fine and
eventually the pink lady drink did work - they said I have some GERD and that its just build
up of acid for my stomach so they told me to go back on the tecta for long term.

Ive been on tecta for about a month now again
Upper sharp pains feel slightly better however I just feel like i have constant stomach discofort all the time. i feel like every day
there is something feeling off about my stomach!
Noticed changes in bowel movements (unsure of time line - maybe for a few weeks to about two moths?)
- I will wake up in the morning and get sudden urges to have a bowel movement with SEVERE lower stomach
cramping for like 10-15 seconds - they get better once ive gone to the bathroom however i still
feel like i haven't 'emptied everything out'
- alternating bowel movements - I will have a normal soft bowel movement then later in the day
(sometimes even an an hour or two after my initial morning bowel movement) i'll have a thin diarrhea type
(not complete diarrhea but it does burn when coming out). then the next time ill have constipated pellets.
- Sometimes I'll have to push alot and only small bowel movements come out. Other times I just need to push
a little and a normal bowel movement will come out. Sometimes Ill feel like i have to go to the bathroom
and ill physically go sit down however it's like i just CANT get it out. It feels like I have to wait
for that 'exact moment' when I can have the bowel movement. I think maybe my anxiety of 'what kind of bowel movement
will i have this time!" may influence my ability to go?
I usually naseous in the mornings.
My stomach feels like its constantly growling and rumbling even after i eat. Just like overall stomach discomfort.
I have the upper AND lower pains now! - Upper stomach pain feels burning. Lower stomach pains feels achey, crampy, bloaty, gassy, 'feeling of uneasy'.
I sometimes feel like it radiates to my lower back. These past two days it seems to have randomly gotten worse where i feel
the stomach discomfort all day (literally!).

I don't drink coffee, alcohol, tea, and avoid spicy foods. I have had no blood in the stool and no vomiting.

1. My 'self diagnose' is irritable bowel syndrome - does this sound like it is?
2. What are chances that this could be something more serious - such as Irritable bowel disease or cancer?
3. From the time that I had my xray, barium swallow, etc - which was about a year ago - could something
new have developed in this time?
4. Has anyone ever had long term consqeuences from taking tecta?
5. I try to use hotpacks as much as I can to ease the stomach pain and cramping, sometimes TUMS - however sometimes it becomes so unbearable
that I end up taking tylenol 3 (without caffiene) and it ends up helping - are there any long term consequences of taking tylenol 3 from time to time for pain?
(Ive been taking it on and off for about a year now I guess - for the stomach pains when they become too severe and I usually take it for period cramping as well).
6. What kind of tests should I anticipate they may do? Would it be a good idea to ask about going for a gastroscopy now?

I am in school during midterm time right now so its definitly not the best time for all this to be going on! :( I am going to book an appointment with my
doctor as soon as I can but would really appreciate any feedback in the mean time. Thanks! :)