View Full Version : Pheochromocytoma?

11-09-2013, 10:50 PM
I'm currently waiting to see an endocrinologist because my doctor suspects I have pheochromocytoma (my BP is suddenly very high and the 24-hour urine collection showed abnormalities).

Does anyone know where I could get detailed info on pheochromocytoma? I'm mainly wondering if it can cause extreme fatigue and ringing in the ears, as I have been having both. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

12-27-2013, 08:09 PM
Sorry to see you had no responses. By now, you probably know what is wrong. But if not, Pheos are rare benign tumors of the adrenal gland that produce excess adrenaline. So the symptoms are fast heart rate, high BP, sometimes flushing, insomnia, anxiety or panic, just like your flight or flight response. Symptoms can be intermittent. The high BP spikes can cause bad headaches. Just wondering what you found out and how you are doing now?

12-28-2013, 02:26 AM
Hi, Ladybud, and thanks for your response! I went back in for re-testing and the tests came back normal this time. I am on BP meds, and it's better, but I'm still not sure what caused it to jump. I have had spacey feelings, dizziness/vertigo, bad headaches, and now tinnitus and hearing issues since an ear infection in July. Through all that, my BP was low, but I'm wondering if maybe it went up due to the tinnitus - it can cause anxiety and it's a BIG deal to me to have my hearing affected, since I do a lot of EQ and mixing for videos.

At my last dentist visit, I was having a lot of jaw pain (I just had my wisdom teeth out in April). After a long process, my dentist diagnosed me with TMJ and gave me a nightguard to relieve clenching my jaw at night. I started doing acupuncture for my ears and jaw and they commented on how hard and tense my jaw muscles are (they are also always sore when I wake up). I am starting to think this is causing a lot of the problems I have or at least amplifying them. I am doing all the things my dentist is having me do (mouth guard, exercises, hot/cold compress) and I also started taking 5-htp. There is a theory that low serotonin levels affect your sleep and can cause bruxism (clenching of the jaw muscles). My epinephrine levels were also high during the test for pheo, which can indicate low serotonin.

I am hoping the TMJ is causing the problems and in turn is raising my high blood pressure. I will report back with what an update if I find out more, or things change. Thanks again for taking the time to respond!

12-28-2013, 08:50 AM
Glad to hear that a pheo was ruled out, but sorry you are having other problems, especially that affect your work. Have you seen an ENT and audiologist? I would do that, as an ear infection in July should not be causing problems any more if it was treated and cleared up. There are autoimmune causes for tinnitus and hearing loss that can be treated (best if treated early). Many people get a TMJ inflammation and pain after wisdom teeth extraction from the extreme opening of the mouth to access the teeth. That usually calms down over time, but can take as much as a year sometimes. It sounds like you are doing the right things for that. Hope you feel better soon!

12-31-2013, 01:30 AM
Thanks, Ladybug. I didn't know about the inflammation and that makes me feel a bit better. I was prescribed antibiotics back in July and then did go to an ENT in August when I started having vertigo. She did something called the Epley maneuver and it got worse for a couple of days and then went away completely after a week. It did come back two weeks ago for one day, but wasn't as bad. I also got my hearing tested at that appointment and they said I had good hearing, but lost some of the high frequencies. I know that wasn't the case before July. She also determined that my right ear was a little better than my left, which made sense to me.

I just did another 10 days of antibiotics as my doctor wants to make sure it isn't viral. I'm afraid if it is that it's to late to fix it. Also at at this time my right ear seems a lot worse than my left, so things have changed. The right side is also where the jaw pops and grinds very loudly. I really hope they are connected so that things can eventually be restored. It's crazy that some days I'll wake up with bad headaches and tension and other days I don't. There has to be something to it!

Anyway, thanks for you're replies and suggestions. I'll post more if something changes...hopefully it's for the better!