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11-26-2013, 12:37 PM
Obviously this won’t be a blanket solution to cure everyone’s IBS, but if it helps stop the suffering of even one person it is worth it.

Four months ago I had full blown IBS that would have me in agonizing pain more days than not and left me running for the bathroom constantly. My BMI number at the time put me in the category of “overweight.” What I did:

1. Gradually started cutting back on eating. The biggest change I made was at lunch time - instead of a big meal, I had either a brothy soup or a small salad. I started to have a happier tummy almost right away just from this.

2. I decided to cut out soda and juice and massively increased my water intake - I have no idea if this helped my IBS problem, but it made me feel way better overall.

3. I started hiking one day each weekend.

Then the weight started melting off and I was feeling better all the time. So much better that I started riding my bike to the train station (and home) each day - 1 hour each way, plus an hour on the train to work, with no access to a washroom. I never would have believed in a million years that this would be feasible for me.

The cycling made me lose even more weight and feel even better, so I added boot camp twice a week as well.

In four months’ time, I have now:

- Lost 35 lbs.
- Got my BMI number down from “overweight” to “normal”
- Started feeling like a million bucks with boundless energy

I’m even able to drink coffee again without it upsetting my stomach. For years I haven’t been able to as it burned my stomach like acid and made me feel horribly ill for days afterwards.

I am not pushing some diet plan or anything, I did this all on my own., without any pills or gadgets or tricks. I would suggest to any IBS sufferer that if you are overweight you start taking similar steps to lose the extra pounds. I am in complete awe about the way I feel after only 4 months - after suffering from IBS for years I finally have my life back. I also have a completely flat stomach (no more IBS bloat!) and am looking forward to chilling on the beach in a bikini for the first time in many years. :cool:

Best wishes to all of you IBS sufferers in crushing this horrible condition and finding your way back to feeling good.

12-02-2013, 09:16 AM
Fantastic!!! I have found that water intake and healthy eatting has greatly helped with my IBS. So water intake may have helped along with everything else. Once again fantastic that you have cured yourself!!!