View Full Version : Generalized pain under ribs, weird dull bruising or rash etc

Prairie Fairie
12-29-2013, 08:44 PM
Okay, I'm just going to throw this out there. I will be ordering a thyroid test in the next few weeks when my health insurance kicks in, but recently (in the last few weeks or months I've been noticing odd symptoms).

Fatigue - the last few days it has become quite severe and sleep doesn't cure it.
Pain around base of ribcage - generalized, not localized to one particular area. It usually dissipates after a couple of hours of waking and moving about. But it's evening and I can still feel the tightness. I haven't had an injury I'm aware of.

Several months ago I had what my doctor thought was shingles on my right forearm. Turns out, it wasn't, but I went through a course of anti-viral, and later prednisone to get rid of the rash. It tried a come-back a couple of days ago and then disappeared again. This rash was very itchy and spread, but not contagious and wasn't shingles that I'm aware of.

I have a strange rash or slight bruising near the base of my ribs on the left - no clothing or anything I can think of would have caused that. It doesn't hurt and it's sort of faint, but if you look you can see it. The same kind of faint rash or bruising (it's light red, but not really bold as a typical bruising) has appeared on the right side of my ribcage too. Again, no itchiness or pain that I can notice. I only became aware of it because I saw it. A few days before the second rash came up, I noticed I had a couple of raised marks on my right side further down. Wasn't sure what they were. I think they've gone.

I've also had random itchiness on legs and rash on foot (red). It was driving me nuts for a while but it's settled down. Cortisone creams did not help.

Random nose bleeds that don't last long, but at first when they start, I think my nose is running (this has been going on about 6 months and is infrequent and random).

Nasal sores (not seemingly related to the nose bleeds). They feel really painful, like a pimple and get so bad, touching the outside of the nose even lightly can hurt. Sometimes both nostrils have the same thing going on and it's not pleasant.

Brain fog / memory loss. By memory loss I mean my short-term memory is problematic lately.

Flutterbies in my chest - typically a good giveaway for a thyroid issue. I'm getting it checked as soon as I can. But that wouldn't account for all symptoms. I'm trying to look at my health holistically, because I think most symptoms are related. The nasal sores and random nose bleeds may be something else entirely.

I've also checked my blood glucose and it's indicative that I could be pre-diabetic, so watching my sugar intake a bit better. There is familial history of that, but I don't want interference from outside for something that at this stage can be reversed by diet and exercise, which I get plenty of.

I'm 36, not overweight. If anything, I'm dropping weight with little effort, but my job change six months ago was to a letter carrier, so it's hard to know whether that's the cause since I only lost about 5lbs in the first 3 months and haven't been walking as much in the last month or so where I've noticed more weight loss.

If anything sounds familiar to you, I'd love to know. I know that only a doctor can make a diagnosis, but I have a funny feeling this is going to require a series of tests and being sole breadwinner in a 3 person household, it's going to be financially taxing and so I need to pick and choose my tests carefully.

I've just started taking my multivitamins today to see if I'm deficient in say iron or B vitamins. I'm looking at all angles here.

Prairie Fairie
12-30-2013, 06:00 AM
Woke up this morning, with tightness in my chest, almost feeling anxious. That's definitely thyroid.

Prairie Fairie
01-13-2014, 09:01 PM
Adding something else, seemingly unrelated: Pain in lower spine, near tail bone, above butt crack. I'm starting to feel like I'm sounding like a hypochondriac, but the only thing is, it's real. The rib pain has subsided this past week. But my body feels out of whack. Still waiting for my insurance card, before I can do anything.

Any suggestions (aside from thyroid) what I might be looking to get tested for?