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01-04-2014, 04:41 PM
Hi Everyone,
My name is Michelle, I am about to be 42 and I have a few concerns I am hoping some of you could help me make sense of.
I have to start from the beginning as to not confuse myself on telling you what is going on. A week before Christmas my grandma had a heart attack, thankfully she is recovering now with a pacemaker and on the road to recovery. I am close to her and took this as such a shock i believe I have developed an anxiety disorder. I am in constant fear i am having a heart attack now. When my grandmom told us all how it happened, I felt everything she was saying, the pain in the back, chest tightness, its scary.

I would like to tell you more of what i am feeling and would like to see if anyone has an insight on what is happening. The medical issue I have is IBS-C and Slow Thyroid i take synthroid 100 mcg. I also just 5 1/2 days ago quit smoking(after 20+ yrs) because of this terrifying anxiety I am having with at least one panic attack.
I have pain in my upperback, sometimes goes to the middle of my back and aches, tightness in the chest, and pain to the right side of my chest like a pulled muscle pain but I didnt pull or lift anything to make it hurt. Swallowing issues such as I feel a lump at the base of my throat like something there or a dry lump(especially if I eat anything, never seems to go away) after I swallow and get past the lump the pain in the right side of my chest will ache immediately following the swallow. I get palpatations or throbs in my chest. I have dull headaches, sore throat and my body is tense especially my shoulders. Oh and the dizziness, I cant understand where that came from its been almost a week straight with the dizziness and it gets worse whenever i eat anything. So needless to say, I am barely eating due to the stress of worrying over my grandma's health and the stress of what is wrong with me and just the fear of eating now because of the side effects. I lost 7 pounds without wanting to in a two weeks time I think because of this. I should also mention i am currently still looking for a job after exhausting unemployment benefits 5 months ago without a single prospect on the horizon so I currently do not have health insurance to go to the doctor just yet and hubby's job offers it but he would have to pay them to work there. The insurance the job offers is extremely unaffordable. He is working and looking for something better at the same time. I fully plan on going to the doctor as soon as health insurance is in place. I am sorry if this is so long winded, I am just concerned and worried and I am looking for help/ insight/ support from some that may be going thru similar. Thank you for reading and responding.

01-04-2014, 04:49 PM
Hi, Michelle,

Sorry to hear that your grandmother's heart attack scared you so. I am glad that you've stopped smoking, that will surely benefit your health! Keep up the good work!
It sounds as if many of your symptoms can be anxiety-related. The lump in the throat can CERTAINLY be anxiety-related too, but since you are on Synthroid (me too) it COULD be thyroid related, and when you can you should have it checked out.
You have so many different things going on in your body that especially as someone who is not a doctor, it's hard to take each symptom and separate it.
My suggestion is that you begin some sort of prayer and/or meditation, and that you start a walking program. I think that both will help you.
Glad your grandma is on the road to recovery, that's great!