View Full Version : Think I may have IBS but not sure

01-17-2014, 03:55 AM

I am new here and am just looking for some advice.

Around early December last year I started experiencing pelvic pressure/discomfort and lower back ache. I went to my Doc and he requested a number of tests to be done so to cut a long story very short I have had an abdominal ultrasound, a pelvic ultrasound, an internal pelvic ultrasound, an MRI on my lower back, a full blood panel done and finally a colonoscopy - all showed up normal.

It is now nearly 8 weeks later and I am still experiencing the same symptoms only the feeling of pressure in my pelvis has eased off somewhat but now I am getting little darting pains around my pelvis. One minute it feels like it's around my left ovary, then my right ovary, then around my left hip, then around the left side of my colon. I am also getting little darting pains (not sore) in my back passage and I stil have the backache all the time. My bowel movements are normal enough but I do get slightly constipated from time to time - i.e. maybe once a fornight.

Could IBS cause lower backache and pelvic discomfort or it is more confined to the abdomen? I'm at my wits end now as the backache seems to be pretty constant and can feel a bit sickening at times. It also doesn't help that I'm getting a little stressed over it all too.

Any advice GREATLY appreciated.

01-20-2014, 02:44 PM
yes u might have it , I suffer from Ibs why dont you try to stay away from dairy products they give much pressure and gas .Try lactaid milk and anything with lactaid in it and see if it helps