View Full Version : Alternating chest, stomach and back pain.

01-23-2014, 12:17 PM
Over the last three months I've suffered with four migraines, the first one lasting two days and the other two lasting one day. The latest one was yesterday morning. I woke up with the pain on the right side of my forehead and through the day it moved around a little. I had minor light sensitivity, which I usually get, but that didn't last for as long as usual. About an hour after I woke my upper back started to ache between my shoulder blades and as time went on it got worse. I knew I had work that afternoon, so I took two Anadin Extra around 9AM in hope it would calm the pain and for the most part it did. Around 1:30 the pain started to come back so I took two more tablets. Around 3:30 I started getting pains in my chest and was feeling nauseous. There wasn't much I could do because I was at work and wasn't due for anymore Anadin until 5:30. I bared through the pain (which now included chest, stomach and back) until it stopped about 5:15. The headache didn't come back, but an hour later, around 6:15, my chest and back started to hurt again. I took two more Anadin and that was that.
This morning I woke up around 9AM with severe chest pains, worse than yesterdays. It only last a few seconds at a time and then would stop for about three minutes before coming back for a few more seconds and then going away again. It lasted about 45 minutes before when the pain stopped in my chest, my stomach started to hurt. Around 10 my back started playing again so I took more Anadin. The pain subsided for the most part and when I was due for another two Anadin at 2 I felt okay to leave it. Around 3 my chest started up again and I managed to get through until 4:30 without desperately needing more Anadin. It lasted for an hour and at 5:30 I started getting even worse stomach and chest pains. I was also feeling nauseous again. It's now 8:15 and I'm due another two Anadin at 8:30. For the last 2 hours the pain in my chest and stomach has been spiking at random times, causing me to near enough curl up wherever I am (which is luckily at home) and just wait it out. My back started hurting again, after about 7 hours of relief, ten minutes ago.
I honestly haven no idea what's wrong and would very much like some form of pain relief.