View Full Version : Acid Reducers and Cholesterol

01-23-2014, 04:49 PM
My TC is usually 170 - 190 with LDL less than 110. On my annual two months ago my TC was 220 and LDL 140. I had been taking Betaxolol eye drops for 6 months and just by coincidence I was on the acid reducer Pantoprazole for the two weeks before the test. I stopped both drugs and just retested and TC is 163.

I suspect pantoprazole is the culprit which I am easily able to avoid. However, I probably need to get back on the betaxolol to help control IOP (glaucoma) (previously Timolol eye drops had apparently caused a similar TC increase). And then I guess I can get retested to rule it in or out. As far as I been able to find out, pantoprazole has raised cholesterol in animal studies.

Curious if anyone has insights on this or similar experiences. It almost seems you need to get cholesterol checked after taking any new drug.