View Full Version : Left Calf swelling with no pain

01-25-2014, 06:30 AM
Since the beginning of summer I have noticed that my left calf/shin area swells. my ankle, foot, and thigh are not affected and do not swell. There is no redness, no pain with the swelling. It just feels a little tight when it is swollen. I have not injured my leg at all recently ( or ever!). If I push down it does not leave an indent.
I have had trouble with my legs for my whole life-as a child I use to get really bad pains in my ankle joints. (drs always told my mom they were just growing pains) Then when I hit about 13 or 14, the pain went from just affecting my ankles to all the way up to the knees (both sides) and I started getting bruised feelings and slight heaviness in my shins. Now, at 21, I get what feels like Sciatica from my hip joints all the way down.
I do not personally think this is related to the swelling because the swelling just started about 7 months ago and doesn't cause pain.
I do smoke but otherwise in good health. I am pregnant but this has been happening since before hand so I know its not related. My doctor said if it kept happening she would order an ultrasound on my leg to double check that I do not have a blood clot. I don't see her until the 12th of feb and I am worrying myself sick. Any ideas?

01-25-2014, 08:36 AM
Hi normally a blood clot you'll have redness, tenderness, and maybe a warm feeling. Could be circulation issues. I would keep it elevated. Cathy