View Full Version : Broken Ribs everyone is different

02-21-2014, 12:03 PM
I broke four ribs and my pelvis after a severe horse fall in 2001. I'm a child of denial so I refused to go to the hospital but once I was in my bed I knew it was going to take an act of God to get me out. Took my fathers'percocet until the next morning. Made it to ER. They kept trying to move me around and I kept screaming at them. Then after the x-rays they were afraid to touch me lol. Four shattered ribs 5-9 I think but still connected to y chest wall. Tankfully no punctured lung.
As long as I did not move I did not hurt. Getting out of bed made me pass out - I had to have someone there to grab me. But within 3-4 weeks I was out mowing grass. I was never able to do more than a little pleasure riding. I felt like mine were healed in 4 weeks but I still have pain. 12 years later. Healed to me meant I was not in horrible intractable pain and could garden and mow grass and clean house.

Still, If I relax my left shoulder they start to burn - I can't do a lot of upper body strength training. The are actually sort of splayed and I feel them rub together. I could not lie on the floor for several years. My muscles compensate to keep them from rubbing so that leads to pain all around the area. I have a massage therapist who helps..The last time I had an Xray I was told they would hurt the rest of my life.

But compared to my other problems they aren't bad. Mostly they add to my problems with balance due to many injuries to my left side

Heere's one thing I suggest GO TO PHYSICAL THERAPY. I did not because I didn't feel like I hurt that bad. Maybe if I had gone I would not have this pain.