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02-24-2014, 07:34 AM
Sorry if this is a bit long, but I'm looking for medical advice, while I switch doctors, hoping for some help.

In December 2013, I went to my doctor for what I assumed was a bladder infection. I had serious burning pain in my left flank that had been going on for over a week and just getting worse.
When I went, all my urine test came back clean, but he found small mass, about 2 inches (give or take), in that area. Its palpable, in the tissue, not part of the skin. He told me it might just be muscle pain and to take pain meds and a muscle relaxer.
After about a month, I was still having the issue, and he finally relented to an ultrasound. This was early January.
The US tech could feel the mass, but it didn't show on the ultrasound. She was just as confused as I was and she looked for a while, then the main doctor did, but they couldnt see it.
My doctor got the results, said that because nothing showed, it was muscle issue and it would go away. He said in about 3 months.
Its now the end of February and it hasn't gone away. The area throbs and the pain has extended down to my entire left side, and wraps around to the front, causing sharp pain to the left of my navel.

Last week I suddenly had horrible pain in my chest, upper back, that went along my left shoulder to my left arm. Since then I've been slightly dizzy/woozy and had trouble breathing, and the pain comes and goes throughout the day. Feels like I have a never ending muscle ache on my left arm and shoulder.
I'm worried I've developed an Upper Respitory Infection that is messing with my asthma now. I don't know if its related to that thing on my left side or not.
It feels like the muscles in the left side of my jaw, cheek and neck are constantly tightening and releasing and it hurts. My fiancee tried massaging my left arm, but all it does is make my chest hurt worse. I'm going to try a muscle relaxer, as Motrin isnt doing anything.
I can't lie on my left side, as it causes that side to hurt and that thing in my back starts to pulse and throb and hurt. and I can't lie on my back or on right side, as it makes it harder to breath and my chest starts to hurt.
So sleeping is nearly impossible.

Can someone PLEASE give me advice.
I'm 26, I'm relatively healthy with just asthma and diabetes.
I just miss my life.

03-11-2014, 06:56 PM
I know this is an old post but many of your symptoms matches my own.

Was just wondering if you got an update?

Hope your doing well,