View Full Version : hemochromatosis questions ?

03-16-2014, 04:37 PM

I have been having any health issues and have been tested for many different issues. The latest was hemochromatosis. I have many of the symptoms for this and they seem to be increasing with time. For the last 3-4 years I stopped giving blood and went through menopause.The doctor ran this test and these are the results. He is on vacation for a week so I can't get him to interpret the results. WHen I called the office the receptionist said that there was alot of info after the H63D test that she could see but I couldn't. Wish I had that info to pass on. The general results are below. Does this mean I have hemochromatosis or not? I have so many joint issues, DDD, pain, tiredness, tendonitis, cartilage loss. I also have a full body bone scan (no results yet). But after the bone scan the Dr who reviewed want xrays of the hot spots: cervical spine, lumber spine, hands and feet. I am already fused C5-6 C6-7. Hoping that nothing too serious shows up. I hate the waiting game. Sorry to have gone on for so long. Any thoughts?


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