View Full Version : red spot on tongue

03-18-2014, 01:39 AM
i have a red painless spot on my tongue that just wont go away, i went to my primary dr and they said go to a dentist, i went to my dentist, they said go to an ent dr. my dr said that he never really seen it, but its not oral cancer because its painless and its a spot, not a raised bump or an ulcer.

it doesnt hurt, it doesnt really move or change, i havent burned it, its been on my tongue for 4 months, when my hair gets plaque on it, the bump does not get covered, it stays red, i dont know what it is, im thinking about getting another opinion, the one dr told me that it would really hurt to do a biposy because its on my tongue, its not raised, and it would have to cut on a flat surface. im just really scared, i dont know what else to do

i dont know if its lack of vitamins, but i have started taking one a day.

is this normal? could it still be cancer? help!