View Full Version : Underarm Lumps, Itchy Skin?

03-23-2014, 08:46 PM
It started about 8 months ago when I noticed a large lump under my left armpit that was very "squishy". It sorta appeared out of nowhere and was painful to the tough. I don't have insurance nor can I afford it right now so cant got to a doctor. This lump ruptured on it's own about a 2 months ago (was a clear, yellow, sticky discharge) Well it's still there just not really painful and squishy anymore. Now I have another one right next to it that appeared last month. And also, now within the last month I keep getting red bumps ansd sometimes even boils on my lower abdomen, well really my chest on down. My entire front of my body itches like crazy all the time! Its driving me crazy! If its helpful, only known health issues are hpv, and started having irregular periods(every 2-3 weeks) starting in Nov. 2013.Was told 2 years ago at pre-natel checkup about the hpv, and was told I had abnormal cervical cells.Was supposed to have a biopsy at 6 week post-natal visit but didn't have ins. nor money to pay (paid for pre-natal with cash per visit) Any ideas?

04-16-2014, 09:19 AM
try going though the er they cant turn u away just because u cant pay also it sounds like staph which is deadly if untreated, i've had the same problem but on my butt