View Full Version : OCD? Hypochondria? Real issue?

04-01-2014, 10:41 PM
Ok, long story short, I suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I am no longer on meds (my choice with the doctor's approval... equals a little more anxiety, but not horrible)

I used to be obese and now I am a runner person... I may be a hypochondriac, too.. You be the judge..

So here we go..

This year alone, I've came down with a real hemorrhoid (was convinced it was anal cancer among other things)..

Recently, I was put on nitroglycerin ointment for it. Anyways, it made me dizzy and lowered my blood pressure the first few days along with headaches.

Couple that with a dull numbness and stiffness at the bottom of my chest/top of rib cage on the left side along with dull pain/stiffness feeling near my armpit, shoulder and upper left arm and I'm now pondering if I have the symptoms of a heart attack about to happen.

Been having said discomfort, etc., since Saturday. And if I recall correctly, I've had this sort of a pain a handful of times over the years and anxiety comes along when it happens.

Saturday was the first day I've ran since finishing a half-marathon a week earlier. I was extremely sore in numerous places after that race.

I've since ran three miles (on Sunday) and five today. Am I being a bit dramatic here with my thoughts? Blood pressure has been good the last two weeks. Even got a 120/80 when I went to have the hemorrhoid checked and that never happens in a clinical setting.