View Full Version : nerve and balance

04-21-2014, 06:41 PM
Systems are....poor balance..especially when first standing....poor balance ..cant run or walk heal to toe...some head fog but that is improving in last month or so...tail bone gets sore from sitting..hips feel very tired...IB and frequent urination of small amounts...some flatulence...weak legs and tiredness of legs if I'm on my feet for a short time..slow speech with difficulty pronouncing...dry eyes in evening..urge to urinate is most disturbing especially at night.
I have had an MRI of brain and upper spine...as well as nerve conduction tests, and waiting for second neurologists to do another MRI. I had L5-6disc trimmed off in 1995..worked wonders then. May be cause of present problem??..
I'm taking flowmax ..actually tamsulanGR...and Detrol LA .4MG
Lots of other tests too.
What's going on??