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04-29-2014, 10:54 AM
I have been a board stalker anytime something comes up with mine or my families health but figured it was high time I shared my experience with IBS and how I was able to overcome it as it was a miserable time in my life and hope it helps others.

IBS is a broad spectrum of symptoms and causes and i joke about the fact that IBS is a broad stroke painted by Dr's that don't know whats wrong with your stomach. It was in my case for about 2 years and such I was ready to throw in the towel.

I think I can safely say mine was mostly stress related starting with a newborn in 2009 after 9 months of unemployment and moving from Houston to Arizona to a low paying job. It started with spontaneous urges to use the restroom and loose BM's. which for the most part was nice every time I ate about 20 min later I had to go. Then the cramping started first during the day at work then sleepless nights one of which I clearly remember spending most of the night in dire pain. After that the the leg cramps and sever lower back pain.

Several trips to the family dr. amounted to nothing as well the CT scan. Several people suggested food but my wife and I are VERY healthy eaters organic produce and whole grains relatively low carbs and calories with lean meat. Once my back pain had gotten so sever and numbness had taken over my right leg by standing for no more than 3 min. literally had to get on all four while talking to my boss at one point someone suggested I chiropractor. Reluctantly I went because at that point i was "35 and Healthy" so I thought. I couldn't take it anymore.

Granted some of these symptoms I thought were completely unrelated however as time went all all were increasingly debilitating.

Recovery and Cure:
I rode a motorcycle at the time but showed up to my first chiropractor apt nearly crippled from the 50min ride from my work site in Tempe to my Dr in Peoria. First the exam then the mechanical message table then the bone cracker; pop, snap crack... Oh S#!T! Old guy laid across my chest an pushed on my opposite shoulder while pushing my knee twisting my spine and literally within split second my body felt reborn. I can't describe the relief I only wish I could relive that moment every morning with a cup of coffee. The x-ray showed my L4 vertebrae was slipped and out of alignment with L3 & L5 causing a scissoring action on nerves above and below L4. Nerves above L4, oh they control your stomach and the ones below, yeah your right leg... Dr. suggest i hurry home as the stress relief on those nerves were sure to relax my stomach and I might need a restroom soon. Yep!
I can't be sure what the root cause was, piched nerves or stress relates ulcer that caused swelling in my stomach and spine. Sort of a chicken egg theory but none the less I finally knew where the problem lay and so the recover began.
To fix the ulcer I found one recreational cigars, drinking and duh coffee were done. I lived in Arizona and I love hot/spicy food - NOPE! started drinking what is now my favorite beverage
OKF aloe vera drink with pulp has slight grape flavor and tase amazing from Trader Joes $1.99 and
Georgia's Aloe Vera Water This stuff is great and taste just like water. We went camping once and wife packed some in a container I drank half thinking it was water after a hike. Wife stopped me and told me it was my medicine :-). Aloe is great for cuts and scrapes and works just as good internally however most Aloe water taste like pond scum, these are the 2 I like and still use 4 years later.
Probiotics - my ulcer and acid reflux had wiped out all that is good in my stomach. You should already be taking probiotics but if not start and most definitely if you have IBS or ulcers.
Turmeric - Great natural anti-inflammatory supplement, digestive aid and antibiotic. Its a common Indian spice so buy it at a Indian food market for a fraction of the price in large quantities. mix 1 teaspoon with 1/2 cup of warm milk hold your nose and pour it down your gullet. you can buy capsules and me and Dr. OZ say you should take this daily but I found the milk and turmeric seem to work better and faster.
Cinnamon - a bland breakfast of oatmeal is a good way to absorb stomach acid throw in some honey to sweeten and lots of cinnamon for flavor. Cinnamon like Turmeric has many good medical benefits and is a natural antibiotic (safe for the good bacteria)
Finally Digestive Aid - You need a good vegetable base digestive aid. Not just some cheap wood pulp fiber.

I know this isn't a cure all but if any of my symptoms sound familiar I highly recommend all of them including an occasional alignment or at the very least a foam roller for your back (what I use now). Its basically 6in dia 36in long round foam, lay on it and push back and forth. Every day my back pops 4-8 times and feels great. I no longer get that pinch in my lower back and combined with many of these supplements I suggested have all but cured my IBS and ulcer.

05-05-2014, 08:53 AM
Hi Kneedragon.

I have been a sufferer of IBS-D for over 20 years. I love reading posts like you just wrote about things that have helped and over the years I have tried so many things and I sometime I want to give up all hope of ever feeling or living a normal life. My belly and bathroom troubles dictate my life. I am "afraid" to go anywhere and so many things in my life I have given up on because I cannot afford to be somewhere with no access to a restroom.

Reading your post, I used to see a Chiropractor on a regular basis because I have degenerative disk. I have had 4 back surgeries. I use a Probiotic daily. I was using Heather's Tummy Fiber for IBS for quite a while but was seeing no changes. I also take Ginger Root and Slippery Elm daily. Some times I think things are working but then I have horrible days again. I'm at my whitts ends with it all. I've done the food diaries. I've stayed away from things that I thought were triggers but then went back to them after a while and they weren't triggers after all. It doesn't matter if I eat. Don't eat. I have the issues with cramps, bloating, gas, and very frequent trips to the bathroom on a daily basis.

I am wondering, on the Tumeric and Cinnamon...how often...once a day?

Thank you for your post. I sure hope you continue your success with healing.