View Full Version : Left Abdominal Discomfort/Enlarged Spleen?

04-30-2014, 07:58 AM
Here is my (strange at least to me) case:

On or around 4/1-4/6 I started to feel intermittent left side abdominal bloating/discomfort- an inch or two below the ribcage- inbetween both my flank and the center of my abdomen. It felt very similar to the bloating I'd feel when I get a cold/flu- but only on the left side. The feeling was intermittent, came and went...maybe presented itself once or twice for about an hour or so each day. On 4/11-4/12 the feeling seemed to become more constant where the discomfort was present the entire day. Symptoms then went back to being intermittent, perhaps more often than when they first started but not lasting the entire day.

From 4/23-4/27 symptoms went back to being all day and the discomfort could be felt then I laid on my right side...feeling subsided if I slept on my left side (I sleep on either side at night.) It felt as if my left abdomen was a bit distended...although...very hard to tell if it was just anxiety making it feel that way- certainly wasn't a visible distension (my gf at least didn't feel or see anything different on the left side.)

And then like a magic trick symptoms completely disappeared on the night of 4/28 and are still gone.

Looking at pictures of where a spleen would be enlarged look an awful lot like where I was feeling discomfort. Though the one health field friend I asked said an enlarged spleen would present with other symptoms and not resolve so fast and felt it was likely bloating/gas. The other puzzle piece is that I had absolutely no GI symptoms- all intake/excretions were highly normal, eating did not seem to affect the symptoms. And in general symptoms were milder in the morning and seemed to intensify a bit at night.

Only other background I have is that I work on political campaigns and was on an assignment that was ending, incredibly stressful and from January-end of March I was eating fast food for almost every meal.

Hoping/thinking this was just some intestinal/stomach discomfort due to high stress and terrible eating. Still confused on why the discomfort presented with absolutely no other symptoms.

Any advice/thoughts welcome!! Did I just have a weird month long bout of weird stomach stuff because I'm old (34) and can't eat garbage constantly and work 15 hours a day every day? Or is the lone left side abdominal discomfort consistent with something else my googling skills haven't uncovered?

04-30-2014, 08:23 AM
I would say that gas for a month is unlikely. If it was an enlarged spleen, the symptoms will likely return and you should see your Dr while he/she can feel your spleen and see if it is indeed enlarged. Splenic enlargement occurs in several conditions, and you would need some blood tests and possibly an ultrasound to see what is causing the enlargement.

04-30-2014, 09:16 AM

The thing my acquaintance told me was that an enlarged spleen would be unlikely to just have discomfort with no other symptoms and resolve so quickly...

Any other thoughts on what could cause left sided discomfort...intestines/stomach wise or anything else that would have suck a quick time frame of symptoms to resolution?