View Full Version : Neuroendocrine tumor in bowel

05-05-2014, 01:53 PM
What started out as diverticulitis (treated and well), ten referred for endoscopy to see diverticulitis extend to then be told, a polyp was present in rectum I then needed colonoscopy and removal of polyp. The said poly was successfully removed. I had a follow up with specialist today and was told that it wasn't a polyp at all but a neuroendocrine tumor (NET)
The doctor said it looked Well defined
The tissues or tumor specimen did Not angry
Looks like they got it all.
He also said he thinks it's pretty safe to say that it will be all gone
He said he wants me to get an MRI and blood test just to be completely certain. In his words, to cross his t's and dot the i's. He will also consilt an oncologist for his opinion.

Anyone with same experience?