View Full Version : Depersonalisation for five years desperate f answer

05-05-2014, 09:06 PM
After reading these forums I think I may have depersonilisation but still very unsure as I have had other symptoms too . I started taking Effexor xl four years ago to treat clinical depression and while it did help me in some wats it never solved the depersonilisation. The first two days I think I felt relaxed and on my way down from this awful depersonilisation but after that until now I feel like I've been in outer space . I have also felt very agitated restless very talkative and completely hyper at times so I'm really unsure whether this is bipolar ( after research) I have 1 or 2 symptoms but really can't be definite as I find these depersonilisation symptoms so hard to explain and maybe I was just looking for a diagnosis of some sort. After coming across this forum I can relate more to these symptoms then to those of bipolar 2 but I don't ever c myself from the outside which seems to b everyone's biggest symptom.i feel like my body is detatched from my brain all the time though and experience numbness in my body and wierd sensations . I do see dots too at times and sometimes people can look really close up. Shapes definitely seem to look strange too. My thought process has definitely been impaired and I have acted so out of character these past few years sending my friends and Boyf ranting hateful txts throughout this time. I also felt immense rage at times throughout this time. I also felt kinda euphoric and excited and hyper at times.it felt like my brain was numb and I found it hard to do mental brain activities even simple things like expressions.i still to this day look blank and can't convey normal facial expressions if someone asks me to look angry sad etc. It's like my face is numb and my brain is dead or . Omgod I know this all sounds so crazy . I feel like I'm loosing my mind