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05-10-2014, 11:29 PM
Hi Everyone,new to this site trying to find answers to my issue I have that relates to a very sharp pain that generally starts on side of my chest just beside my niple then moves slightly to right from niple & becomes so intense that I can only breath half the way or it will hurt very bad & even if I move my body slightly will hurt very bad.
I am a 54 year old male that after 23 years of not working out I began to start up again slowly with light workouts,I began with two weeks of regular pushups,side turns & sit ups,the second day of working out I noticed a start of a light jab nothing severe then everyday after felt the same thing light jab didn't think too much about it then when I started with the weights things took a turn with severe pain with now a knife feeling that starts to the side of niple of left side of chest then shifts slighty over from there & becomes very scary which I mentioned above can only breath half way being it will hurt so bad even if I turn my body the slightest feels as though something is going to explode inside of me in that area along with the knife jabbing feeling.
I have gone to the doctor for this issue twice he claims everything is ok with my heart listening to my heart,blood preasure is great not low or high so he said he believes it is slight tear inside & said he could inject me with a *** method to heal things up faster but I just feel it must be something else thats going on with me & may have to get a second opinion on this issue,now that I expieriance this at any given time I am trying to be careful of what I am lifting but even so I can be sitting down doing nothing & this can start up having me wondering if this is has something to do with my heart valves or what? one other thing to ad is that my left shoulder hurts very bad around the time this goes on with chest pain anyone with any ideas of what all this could be please let me know for now I am taking things very slow & even putting the weight training on hold for now to see if this resolves my issue.
Have a great day & God bless.

05-12-2014, 11:46 AM
Some of these symptoms sound like chostocondritis or Tieze Syndrome. The feeling is like there is an elephant sat on your chest and like you are having heart attack pains, The pain can go up into your shoulder and down your arm too. Have a look and research the condition and maybe go to a different doctor to get a second opinion. This is not diagnosed by a test. It is done on your symptoms after ruling out other things more serious in that area. Good luck and I hop you find an answer what ever it is x