View Full Version : Chest Pain/Burping/Bloating

05-31-2014, 07:35 PM
I am a 21 year old male and I currently weight 312. I have been having a lot of symptoms and I am really confused and in some need of some help from anyone who may think or know what is going on. Back in march I was with all my friends and we were smoking and I coughed well when i coughed i had a sharp pain that was between the center of my chest and my right breast and it was extremely sharp and for a few days i could feel my food swallow and same with my drink. That soon subsided and then I started having random chest pains this has been going on since march. One morning I awoke when I was on vacation and saw that I had a swollen mass under my right breast I noticed that I had something their awhile before vacation but it never became obvious until weeks later. When I returned home I went to the doctor who referred me to a GI doctor and my general doctor then also referred me to a Cardio doctor. the cardio doctor felt on it and said it was a fatty tumor and I explained to him about me having chest pains and me waking up sometimes to my heart racing and he completed a number of tests (lung pulmonary test, Treadmill stress test, ultra sound of my heart, blood work, CT of my chest, x-ray, EKG's) and has come to the conclusion that it has to be anxiety/panic attacks but I don't feel like i have a lot of stress. My general doctor said I have a hiatial hernia and felt on it. I then went to a GI doctor who did a series of tests (upper endoscopy, stool sample, blood work, CT of chest and abdominal and pelvic) and he was able to find that i had salmonella and he treated that and then it showed i had a swollen esophagus and he put me on a medicine for that. I have a follow up appointment next week for the GI since that heart doctor has kind of kicked me to the curb. I have chest pain and it seems to get a little better when I burp but they are belches. I seem not to fart a lot but i do fart. I have not had real tough stools but i am pooping. Sometimes my lump will burn on my right side and feel like i have something burning me. then other times it feels like i have something leaking causing the pain. But the chest pain feels like my heart hurts or that their is gas bubbles sitting on my heart or something. I have gotten tingles on my right side and i have had pain on the right side of my neck i have gotten light headed and dizzy at times but nothing extreme. When my chest starts hurting i feel drained and tired but it hurts and causes pain like i need to burp and then I do and sometimes it helps but sometimes it doesn't. it seems if i nap while it hurts i awake with my heart racing for a split second. If anyone can help it would be appreciated!