View Full Version : Does anyone else take generic Seroquel at night and then an SSRI and benzo in the...

06-04-2014, 09:53 AM
morning? I have GAD (obsessed with dieing, getting in a car accident or having a heart attack while driving and then getting extreme panic attacks to the point of hyper ventilating), the depression bipolar type, ADHD leaning more towards being impulsive (which I am very much) and OCD. I was on Abilify in addition to my escitalopram and the 1.5mg of lorazepam in the morning. Well I can't afford the Abilify after my one month free trial since it was $647.77. So my pdoc switched me to the generic Seroquel. I started myself on 25mg last night (split my 50mg pill in half) and feel a bit loopy- which I read could be a side effect. Does anyone else take this at night and then take their SSRI and benzo in the morning? Just wondering what other peoples' experiences have been.

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